Agenstvo BALTAEROSERVIS was founded in April 1997. For over 20 years, our company has been providing the full package of airborne sensing works, orthoimagery and topographic survey in many regions of our country. Our customers are commercial business, local and state authorities, we are proud to offer all of them high quality products for mapping, forest management and environmental monitoring.

Every year we cover tens of thousands of square kilometers. We use owned aircrafts specially equipped for surveying missions, Cessna 210PH and Rockwell Aero Commander 680v, or any another aircraft ready for aerial survey and available for rent – i.e. An-30, TU-134, An-2, L-410, Mi-8 etc.

We use owned sensors developed by leading global manufacturers – VisionMap, PhaseOne, as well as any other sensors, if required, available for rent and implementation in Russian submarket.

We use cutting-edge ground processing systems by Russian, Israeli and European developers.

We have full package of required permits – the cartographic licenses and the Federal Security Service License