Aerial LiDAR is a cutting-edge technology to obtain information about terrain features. Recently we have been operating this method to acquire the Earth remote sensing (ERS) data.
Aerial LiDAR covers the following:

  • Generating and updating topographic maps and layouts at a scale of 1 in 500 and less;
  • Designing a digital terrain model (DTM);
  • Pre-construction survey;
  • Monitoring of various objects.

To perform laser aerial survey our company use ALS70 scanner in set with RSD30 camera.

Airborne LiDAR system on board aircraft.

Aerial LiDAR has a great advantage compared to other mapping methods:

  • Surveying and processing computerization;
  • Quick delivery of up-to-date information;
  • Substantial cuts of topographic and geodetic ground operations;
  • High data accuracy.
laser points cloud
tin model
terrain map