In addition to multipurpose mapping missions our company fulfills visual observation of environment. Such aviation work includes forest patrolling, wildlife observation, ecological observations, construction monitoring. For example, our company many times helped environmental specialists to research the activity of gray seal and ringed seal populations in the water area of the Gulf of Finland and Ladoga Lake.

These animals mate in February and March when the Gulf of Finland is covered with ice and the snow depth is up to 30 cm. Unfortunately, for the past several years due to the global climate warming the rapid ice melting started before their calves grow enough to begin the world. Besides the warm weather, strong winds have an essential role in the process and cause drifting of large melty floes with seal calves on them to coastline of Saint-Petersburgh. Operating flights over the Gulf of Finland and Ladoga Lake areas we help ecologists to monitor the animals listed as threatened.
For over 4 years our company has been monitoring the construction of the Bronka transshipping sea terminal in Lomonosov. The picture below describes the construction milestones since 2011 to 2015. We surveyed the object and made a photo plan every calendar quarter. This provides the Customer with a qualitative model of construction progress.